JEWELLERY: Preservation and maintenance advice

Precious Stones

Some Advice

As they are natural materials, precious stones should be handled with delicacy. Colour, shine, hardness and rarity are criteria that elevate the value of stones.

Even though most precious are very hard and resistant, they are not indestructible. A piece of jewellery decorated with precious stones should be treated carefully, so you can enjoy its beauty for a long time to come.

If the gems touch one another they can become scratched or even ruined, which is why they should be kept separately in a case.

Whenever possible, when performing some household activities you should remove jewellery because blows could crack the gems. You should take particular care with rings that have large coloured stones (topaz, tourmaline, aquamarines, amethysts) as well as those with stones set into them (emeralds).

Cleaning your jewellery

Over time, some substances such as cosmetics, among others, will leave a deposit on jewellery, in particular on the inner face of precious stones. This phenomenon changes the colour and the reflections of the same, which may even spoil the pleasure you take in using them.

Gold jewellery or that ornamented with precious stones should be regularly cleaned with a soft toothbrush, soap, ammonia. Take a little time, and then rinse them with hot water before drying them with a soft cloth. Don’t forget the backs of your jewellery.

From time to time, take your jewellery to your jeweller for a thorough cleaning.


Slowly developed inside of oysters and other shells, pearls can be classified as "fine", "cultivated", "South Sea" and "freshwater".

Pearls must be separated from other jewels. Hard or pointed objects can change or scratch their surfaces. Keep them separately in a case lined with velvet or silk. That will mean they will be well protected.

Cosmetics, detergents, sand and sweat can be harmful to pearls. After use, you should be careful to clean them with a soft cloth.

High temperatures dehydrate pearls. Avoid using them when cooking as well as keeping them near heat sources (radiators, windows exposed to the sun, etc.).

The necklace chain is weakened by lotions and perspiration. Check it carefully and whenever necessary send it to your jeweller to be re-strung.